Portrait of Agency :

AART International is a multidisciplinary team of professionals with many years experience, whose philosophy is to constantly renew the ideas and practices contributing to the dynamic Contemporary Architectural Movement.

AART International is active in France as well as abroad, with important references in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. AART’s capacity, international experience and wide range of project skills enable us to take on large scale projects covering a comprehensive range of services from feasibility studies and planning through to every stage of project development and final project execution.

AART International is competent in all areas relevant to architectural design; Engineering and specialized technology; analysis, feasibility studies and programming; regional, town and urban planning; tourist development and planning; project coordination and construction management.

AART International’s activities also cover the management, organisation, design development and project execution, which enables us to participate in the Professional Practice of Architectural Design as well as to design and coordinate projects on a “package” or “turn-key basis”.

AART International’s main objective is to develop, for each project, “a specific response” corresponding to the characteristics of the program requirements, and the physical and human context. Each project is the object of a thorough investigation, with particular concern placed on innovation, modernity and aesthetic quality within the project’s environmental, budget and time constraints.

Each design is developed with the aim of improving the well-being of the project’s community and its environment.

AART International uses highly advanced computer and software systems and its personnel are very competent in the manipulation of these systems.

AART International, thanks to the specialized qualifications of its members, is acknowledged by the French and Foreign Ministries, Public Organizations, and also International Organisations.